Food: 28/40

Kaks kokka has two chefs instead of one

Running the kitchen of a restaurant is no easy task. It involves activities and responsibilities enough for several people. This is something that many restaurants have thought about and one has found a solution for. At Kaks Kokka, the kitchen is run by a tandem of chefs; that is, two chefs instead of one.

The tandem of Kaks Kokka is an efficient one. Their kitchen prepares dishes for the fine dining restaurant Ö and the casual dining restaurant Kaks Kokka. The former is one of the new pioneers of Estonian cuisine and the latter is a place that experiments boldly, which is just as important.

It is a place where juniper is added to crème brûlée, gin and tonic is made into a gel, and buttercream is given a smoky flavour. Ideas are not scarce at Kaks Kokka. It is an interesting place to visit.