Pizza rock’n’roll

Pelgulinn is an idyllic Tallinn neighbourhood whose streets are mainly lined with two-storey old wooden houses. Its lack of major shopping centres, entertainment venues and other attractions means that strangers will rarely stray here. Kaja Pizzaköök, one of the few local eateries, has partly put an end to the sleepy quiet. A crowd frequently gathers outside the door, waiting for their pizzas to be. Those who enter are greeted with loud rock’n’roll serving as soundtrack to the pizza-making taking place at the counter, directly across from the front door. The single long table seats twelve and the counter offers another four tall seats. These tend to be taken, since the locals like coming out to the pizzeria for a good time. Whoever misses out on a seat takes their pizza home without losing their good spirits. Each staff member fits in by looks and attitude both. Working here is obviously their lifestyle. The menu doesn’t extend beyond the pizzas and a small selection of drinks. Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” is particularly frequent on the playlist. Presumably because the owners, staff and guests of the pizzeria believe it’s just right.