Latest News in Tartu Restaurant Culture

Estonia’s restaurant culture is reaching impressive pinnacles. But the top of the pyramid is generally rather narrow. Changes for the better (or worse) tend to happen over days and weeks rather than months and years. In spite of his youth, the head chef of the Joyce, Mihkel Manglus, is a legendary trailblazer of Tartu’s restaurant culture. First, he shocked the whole town by cooking up food up to date with the newest culinary fashions in a cocktail bar. Now, at the Joyce, he surprises the guests of Tartu’s only spa with the kind of food that spa restaurants are not generally known for. Restaurant culture is making headway in Tartu and Mihkel’s experiments are met with ever more acclaim and comprehension. The interest in Joyce’s latest news is on the rise. The restaurant itself promises the best selection of flavours in Tartu. And no one yet has said that Joyce falls short of this (rather bold) mark. Pretty remarkable considering Estonia’s fondness for grumbling. It is likely that the restaurant is becoming the megaphone bringing latest news to Tartu’s culinary scene. Skipping the Joyce means missing out on the news.