The Empire of Jahu

Even though the Jahu (the Flour) is located right by the side of Tallinn’s best and most famous market – the Baltic Station market – it is well hidden in plain sight. They almost literally hide in a building known for housing a bathroom equipment showroom. The dining room right next to the showroom of bathtubs, sinks, and other ceramics divide visitors almost like modern politics do. Some praise it as an innovation that perfectly captures the spirit of the hipster district. Others turn on their heel, because who wants to eat next to a bathtub, anyway? And the owners’ passion for food is on the peculiar side, too. Namely: they love food made of flour. The passion seems to pay off, too, because the small centrally located kiosk (see: Jahu Street Gourmet, also recommended) has quickly turned into a small business empire of three restaurants. In any case, they know how to choose and use their flour, because their pastas and pizzas tend to be, if not the very best, then certainly among the best in Tallinn. Well prepared simple food is matched by a wine selection with a twist: it is heavy on grapes grown in volcanic soil. Serving well-loved classics with a twist seems to be the foundation of the Jahu empire.