Food: 29/40

Hõlm is the new standard of Tartu

Tartu has been patient in waiting for a breath of fresh air among local restaurants. Last year, things began to change. Meat Market’s cocktail bar was the first one to offer such a culinary concept in this city. However, the people of Tartu were alarmed and refused to come around to it even though everything indicated to it being the best restaurant in town.

Now, the city has a new hotel called Lydia and therein, a restaurant called Hõlm. Such a level and attention to detail starting from the very first day of opening has never before been witnessed in Tartu. The list of drinks is without a doubt the best one in Estonia. Compared to that, the menu is incredibly small: four appetisers, four main dishes, and three desserts. However, there is nothing in that menu that does not pique your interest.

In addition, the service at the restaurant raised the bar for the rest of the city. The people of Tartu have a new nut to crack. Let us see if they are up to the task.