Gin, Coals, Meat

Three words, three reasons to visit the Härg (the Ox). Would we visit a meat restaurant for the gin? Yes, we would! The long bar facing the open kitchen across the hall, formerly rather neglected, has become a new hotspot to equal the bustle of the kitchen. The 40 different gins and 11 tonics have been laid out in a table to show the best pairings. Additionally, five signature cocktails inspired by classical cocktails. Resembling the Mojito, the Lootus is a mix of cucumber gin, mint leaves, coriander and lime. A farmyard Mojito made of whatever’s at hand. After picking the cocktail, it is time to observe the goings-on at the kitchen and note that some of the dishes are prepared in the coals rather than over them. Bonfire-baked potatoes are old news. But the entrecote, half as thick as usual and covered in mozzarella cheese, is prepared in a small cast iron pot buried deep in the coals. It is called the coal steak. The incredibly pure, slightly smoky flavour showcases excellently the advantages of roasting in the coals over over the coals. The Härg pairs its dishes with a small, but solid selection of meat wines from countries that excel both at rearing cattle and fermenting wine that harmonizes with the meat.