Distinctive Dining

Right from its opening, we have found the Hapsal Dietrich a good reason to go to Haapsalu. More precisely: we come here to adore their infinite skill of preparing ordinary dishes in their own distinctive way. All their menus list splendid examples of this rare knack. In the summer, we always make sure to try their cold soup and compare the current menu to all the past ones. We never get tired of being amazed at their simple but brilliant ideas on how to prepare an ordinary dish in yet another exciting manner. And in an unforgettably distinctive manner! Last summer’s okroshka was made not with kvass or kefir, but with unflavoured yoghurt. The fluffy creamy texture and the delicate mustardy taste refuse to fade from memory and will most probably stay there until next summer. Or their salmon tartare! How on earth do they – and no one else – figure out that the pure taste of fresh salmon is made even more extraordinary by … ripe peaches? This is how a small restaurant gives a new taste to Haapsalu every time and that’s all you need to want to come here again.