Tori 4, Kuressaare Saaremaa
+ 372 59104045

One Thing for the Islanders, Another for the Guests

At first glance, the menu of the Kuressaare port restaurant seems odd. Eclectic. The few dishes on the menu seemingly try to cover the entire world, from the local Baltic herring and elk to exotic falafels and steamed buns. But after a few bites and some contemplation, you realise that the idea behind it is actually quite simple and clear. Hafen offers exotic flavours to the islanders and local flavours to the guests. The somewhat motley menu tends to raise some eyebrows: are these exotic dishes truly authentic? But as ports are places of people who have seen the world, the Hafen would not dare to give any reason to doubt the authenticity. The restaurant is also well-known for its gin journeys. The good local juniper gin Lahhentagge gave the restaurant the idea to gather a tableful of gins from all around the world and offer guests the opportunity to embark on a gin-tasting journey to the nearest of neighbours and the farthest of lands.