Gruusia trahter Mimino

Lääne 1 b, Jõhvi, Ida-Virumaa, 41533
+ 372 33 75 750

More Than You Can Eat

The table must never run out of food. This is a Georgian custom. And Georgians abroad bring their customs along. And now, on the outskirts of the town of Jõhvi, amidst anindustrial landscape, right between a car dealership and a gas station, there is a pub with Georgian food. Where local customs are left at the door. When eating alone, one dish is plenty at the Mimino. No matter whether a starter, a soup, or an entrée – one person will be well fed on one course. Although we admit that the voice of reason is hard to obey, since the menu is long and the dishes mouth-watering. The deliciously steaming khinkali, four per portion, are massive. The waiter teaches you to eat them right: so that the bountiful broth inside reaches your mouth instead of splattering onthe plate. It may notbe easy but is definitely worth learning – this rich and flavorful stock makes Mimino’s khinkali particularly enjoyable. But if you cave inand order a second dish, Georgian customs will be honored: The table will notbe empty of food because you simply cannot finish it…