GMP Pühajärve restaurant

GMP Pühajärve restaurant practises rural customs

The restaurant of the Pühajärve tall building has changed its course and is diligently practising new habits. The previously apt follower of the latest culinary trends is transforming itself into a balanced worshipper of good domestic flavours. A feast for the eyes on the plate makes room for various tastes in your mouth.

Homemade bread is the first thing on the table, followed by delightfully many dishes prepared from the raw material available in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant. And not just food. The list of drinks includes one of the few Estonian grape wines, as well as artisan cider. Both for the same reason that they are made right here, in the unique hilly terrain of South Estonia.

The season for fruits and vegetables from local greenhouses and gardens is regrettably fleeting. This is why autumn is the best time for visiting the Pühajärve restaurant.