Très Comme Il Faut

The patisserie catches the eye from a distance, and the interior of the café-bakery is equally unique in Tartu. It lies in a different world. It stands squarely in the French cultural space. You won’t find equally authentic baguettes anywhere else in Estonia. The same applies to the cakes and everything else, down to the onion soup. Most people believe they’d enjoy the leisurely French food culture, but its reality can take them by surprise. Proper French habits are slow to take root in Tartu. Initially served in a rustic fashion, with a chunk of bread floating in the soup and the cheese melted over it, the French onion soup was a great big flop in Tartu. Now that the cheese is grated on a pillow of onions on the bottom of the plate, the bread sprinkled over it in croutons and the broth poured over the ensemble on the table, the locals are taking another look. Interestingly, the famous Lake Peipus onions could as well be specially selected for French onion soup. The soup would make waves even in France! As it ought to. The staff of the patisserie have been trained by top French experts. Tartu locals’ distrust of everything strange to them is attaining legendary status. Tallinn’s inhabitants, meanwhile, cannot wait for the patisserie to open in the capital, and take the chance to eat the best cakes in the country whenever in Tartu.