Playful Rhubarb Farm

The Farm is a playful restaurant. The guests are greeted by Madam Fox and Messrs Wolf and Bear. Their private party is in full swing. The Rabbit of the Estonian folk song has not been invited and the badgers stand idle – after all, they are stuffed animals. The play continues in the dining hall, which is nothing short of a farmer’s dream of a good life: birds, flowers, and a kitchen walled away with a sheet of glass. Even the menu is playful, with old Estonian food doing new and interesting tricks.
Spiced sprat ice cream on a stick, foamed cod liver and creamy sauerkraut soup are all novel, and yet, they strike a familiar chord. The ingredients are familiar, the flavours balanced, the compositions completely natural… All we can do is wonder why no one has prepared Estonian food in this way before. The new flavour games are supported by local wines, ciders, lemonades and juices, with a broader-than-usual selection. The cult of rhubarb drinks that has taken root in Estonia is evident here. Sparkling rhubarb wine for aperitif, dry, nuanced (white) rhubarb wine to go with the main course. If we were told in earnest that it was grape wine, we might believe it. And rhubarb lemonade for children. And rhubarb house liquor for digestif. Each a solid drink with a clear and memorable taste.