Farm is a food theatre

Farm is currently a well-known restaurant all across Estonia. Its image of a wealthy farm in the previous Republic of Estonia originates from the cult film “Summer”. The image of a contemporary wealthy farm still needs some tuning. Restaurant Farm leads the way.

The open kitchen right in the middle of the dining hall gives an effective overview of what the chefs are doing. Fire blazes, theatrical moves catch the onlookers’ eye, the atmosphere creates the idea of an active and successful farm.

The first thing on the table is homemade bread, recommended with a lot of butter and a bit of salt. Precisely, be sure to try it with salt, as it is an incredibly informative experience where the slight nuances are what matter in getting the best taste.

The theatrical milieu of the restaurant currently overpowers the food and drinks. However, in addition to homemade bread, Farm also offers cottage cheese prepared from the milk of Konju Farm. Other raw materials are also increasingly acquired directly from operating farms. Theatricality declines and credibility increases.