Food: 28/40

Fabrik is recommended by locals

Restaurant Fabrik is located on Vabriku Street in Kalamaja settlement in Tallinn. In terms of how many good restaurants are in the area, Kalamaja has become a serious competitor to the current leader, the Tallinn Old Town.

Each restaurant is unique and Fabrik is no exception. You should not be misled by their name. The food they prepare is as far as could be from the food produced on conveyer belts in factories. In fact, Fabrik was included in the list of the best restaurants in Estonia the same year it opened.

However, getting people’s attention for a short while is much easier than keeping it. Fortunately, Fabrik managed to do that in its second year as well. They prepare delicious food that is unique and memorable. This is why Fabrik is a restaurant that the locals are more than happy to recommend.