Estonian Burger Factory

Burgers and Craft Beer

The former could easily be called Estonia’s new national food. Everybody offers them, everyone eats them. The latter is the new way of self-expression for the Estonian people. Everybody here knows somebody who’s a bit of a brewer. Likely enough, Estonia has the highest number of craft breweries per capita. As such, serving burgers and craft beer sounds like a bombproof business plan… if everyone and their dog weren’t already doing it. Why, then, the Estonian Burger Factory? Their skill of preparing burgers worth of hours of queuing has been honed over the years. They don’t press the point, but their menu has the largest proportion of ecological ingredients in Estonia. (Case in point: the wine list – ecological all the way down!) Their burger selection is diverse, down to the degustation sets that serve three burgers (mini-sized according to them, a solid medium in our opinion) with a glass of beer specially matched with each. Everything on the plate is made in the house.