Elsa – railway restaurant of Nõmme

In the past, every self-respecting railway station had its own restaurant. Now, Elsa might just be the only one left. And “left” is definitely not a correct characterisation about Elsa, as this restaurant does not date back that far. The Nõmme railway restaurant is a couple of years old and offers a unique dining experience. Its sense of style is its best value.

Aspic and a shot of vodka. Herring with sour cream and another shot of vodka. Borsch and yet another shot of vodka. But why bother with shots at all if you can also drink vodka à la mode – from a carafe. The patrons of old railway restaurants drank a lot of vodka, but not so much in Elsa. People behave different nowadays.

The food is the same as the one that was accompanied by vodka in the past. Unlike vodka, the food sells very well, as it looks classy and tastes authentic. Elsa’s borsch is to die for. There is nothing more to it than take a train there and try it.