Dirhami sadam, Lääne-Nigula vald, Läänemaa
+372 5177899

Beauty in Simplicity

Dirhami is a small restaurant at a small port in north-western Estonia, not far from the town of Haapsalu. Time tends to stand still here and the weather dictates the mood. The place comes to bustling life when a fishing ship arrives at the port, but it takes but minutes to calm back down to a real-life still life. It is a good place to get away from everything. An hour at Dirhami feels like a day away from the tedious routine. And the right thing to do is to spend that hour at Dirhami eating. The restaurant mainly offers fish dishes made from the very same fish loaded off the boats at the port. The food is as simple as the picturesque scene. Smoked, fried or baked fish, or soup, and one or two side dishes. But its utter simplicity tastes stunning. For every fish, there is only one true flavour – pure and fresh, tuned as little as possible. It is odd how the simple pure flavour of fresh fish has become such a rarity that you can only enjoy it at a few remote places in Estonia.