D.O.M – Tallinn, Town Hall Square

Such an address can be attributed to an impressive number of restaurants. It is not wonder, as this is the most beautiful place in Tallinn. The restaurants and cafes located at such places favoured by the residents and tourists of the city are often called tourist traps. Amazing views compel visitors to spend more time here. Disproportionate amounts of money exchanges hands almost imperceptibly and what is given in return does not always meet expectations.

The situation on the Tallinn Town Hall Square is not as dire. Any other restaurant here could be considered a trap.

If you find magnificent views endearing, visit the restaurant D.O.M. The food is better than average and always appealing to the eye. If you are looking for a drink rather than food, try the local apple and flowering quince wine or the ginger wine from England. You will not feel as though your wallet has been turned upside down upon leaving.