Cru provides some extraordinary food

In France, cru is a term used to refer to wines that come from a certain region or rather, a terrain where specific grapes are grown. However, the grapes grown on that terrain are not the only thing that makes it special but everything else that grows on it as well.

In Estonia, Cru is the perfect name for the restaurant located on Viru Street in Tallinn. The terrain is exactly what is served on the plate at Cru. The raw ingredients used at Cru are extremely carefully selected and each of them is also designated as cru.

The overall level of Estonian restaurants is high and something we should be proud of. At the same time, we have a surprisingly small number of chefs whose kitchen could be called an author’s kitchen. Fortunately, Dmitri Haljukov and Cru are one of such. They have offered us a selection of flavours for as many as five years. For a traditional restaurant, this usually signifies a time when something needs to change because the former concept has exhausted itself.

Cru, however, is not a traditional restaurant. Instead, it is probably the only restaurant in Estonia that has moved upwards with each year in terms of its place among the best restaurants in Estonia. Perhaps, it is not surprising, as cru is supposed to improve with each year.