Controvento – sailing against the wind?

The oldest Italian restaurant in Tallinn surely has a peculiar name. It began sailing against the wind as early as in the last century, right at the beginning of Estonian independence. At the time, all the other restaurants wanted to be similar and not to differ from one another. The simple Italian food that Controvento offered was exceptional and their flavours were from another world.

Soon after, however, Controvento started sailing before the wind instead. The food they served won over many hearts and found a permanent place in them. Whether in times of joy or sorrow, Controvento’s customers never stopped going to their favourite restaurant and are not planning to do that any time soon.

St. Catherine’s Passage, where Controvento is located, is one of the oldest and most exotic streets in Tallinn. It is crazy to think about everything that has happened there. Controvento definitely deserves its location. It is an authentic Italian restaurant in all of its aspects, inside and out. Just take a seat and some time to enjoy it all.