Importer of British (Gastro) Pub Culture

For those who wish their good food and drink to be accompanied by social interaction and perhaps even make new acquaintances over dinner may find Tallinn slightly disappointing. By no means hopeless, though. The Clayhills gastropub imports British pub culture to Tallinn. Whether indoors or outside in the summer, the tables are packed tightly together and it is impossible not to overhear your neighbours. Extra authenticity is lent by the fact that moments with no tables of real British visitors are few and far between. The menu features fish and chips, rabbit pie… and flavours from far and wide. The drinks add a splash of local colour. The signature cocktails include the Green Apple Martini. Take note: this sour apple flavour is widespread in Estonia. And the character of Estonian drinks is reflected by the very broad flavour range of craft beers. The pub represents it well. And don’t worry: you’ll meet some Estonians, too. Because this is where the less introverted ones come to eat and drink.