Sulevimägi 1, 10123, Tallinn
+ 372 6461676

An Addictive Restaurant

The effect of the opening of the Chedi in Tallinn 11 years ago was akin to an earthquake. An ultra-modern Asian restaurant with the kitchen staffed by a team straight from the iconic Hakkasan in London. In Tallinn, not a nearby metropolis! Now, eleven years later, everything is the way it was back then, just the ground is done shaking. And the Chedi in Tallinn is no longer a surprise.
Or if, then by the virtue of remaining constantly attractive at a time when new and very interesting restaurants spring up all over the town and the clients, too, hunger for the latest news. Looking around the dining hall at the Chedi shows the same clients encountered at the latest grand opening and who will no doubt be present for the next one. But they stay faithful to the Chedi! Why, then? The Chedi must be addictive, after a fashion. Whoever has visited will want to return. Whether sooner or later, but one day for sure.