The Islanders’ Choice

Probably the world’s oldest piece of advice on how to find a good restaurant in a strange place: dine where you see lots of locals dining. Following that recommendation in Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa, would have you head to the Castello. The name of the restaurant makes no secret of what to expect. Italian-style ciabattas and bruschettas, pastas and pizzas, alongside local Saaremaa beef liver, pork ribs, roast potatoes and onion jam. Castello is a stronghold of the local sense of taste. After all, when you go out to eat, you’re not looking for your old rote homemade dinner. The guests, meanwhile, can satisfy their curiosity towards the local island cuisine. Like an Estonian proverb says: the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe. With its one hundred and twenty seats across two floors, Castello is the largest restaurant in Saaremaa, but it is always worth booking a table in advance, as otherwise you might find yourself out in the cold.