A Station by the Station

The Baltic Station Market and the Depoo are the recent focus of Tallinn’s street food scene. Several dozen different eateries cater to every imaginable taste and each stall has its die-hard fans. Among the many, the Baojaam can be easy to miss. The small stand crafts five different kinds of bao complete with four soft drink options. Note that during lunch rush, you may have to fight through the crowds for your bun. Things are calmer in the off-peak hours, but don’t count on a fly-by meal even so. The Baojaam – literally the Bao Station – is like any other station: people come and go, and they pick up their baos as fast as they are made; but taste is everything, and no concessions are made to speed. But how to choose your bao? Just pick a filling: veggies, squid, beef, pork or chicken. Each is equally delicious.