The Art of Food

The Art Priori is a restaurant and an art gallery. The walls are covered in originals, and so are the tables. The resulting alliance puts other restaurants with art pretensions to shame. The interior of the gallery is pronouncedly valuable and no less tasteful. The food and drink take their cue from the gallery. The steep price tags are devoid of false modesty, but accusing them of being exaggerated would be ignorant and unjust. The kitchen at the Art Priori is set apart by its symbiosis of Russian, French and Nordic influences. It approaches its seasonal ingredients like an artist approaches the paint on a palette. The dishes are created with a French elegance and a Russian passion. The Russian(-French) cuisine soared to new heights when French chefs were called to St Petersburg to feed the Russian czar. The same topic was made famous by another Tallinn restaurant – the Tchaikovsky – a decade ago. The Art Priori is less focused on the retrospect and more on the foresight. It develops the Franco-Russian kitchen in a modern fashion. Nor does it shy back from oriental accents. It brings out the purest flavour of the raw produce. The pigeon and the foie gras are rendered seasonal by local carrot and rowanberry. The turbot with mussels is accentuated by fresh herbs. The food on the plate merits the name of art.