Food: 32/40

Art Priori – the art of eating

The restaurant to have sparked the most discussion recently is Art Priori. Some wonder if it is even a restaurant or perhaps an art gallery instead. It is a place where exhibitions are often held and spark as much as discussion as the restaurant and its food.

Art Priori is not a restaurant where you go to have a casual everyday meal. The food is presented on the plate like a work of art and eating that food is an art in itself. To say the least – art is all that counts in Art Priori.

The most distinctive feature about the concept of this restaurant is that they are planning to change the head chef as often as they change the artist whose works are displayed in the restaurant. The contract signed with the young and talented head chef, who took Art Priori to the top of the best restaurants in Estonia in mere two years, ended and the task of creating new culinary artworks will be given to the next ones. We are looking forward to seeing what they can come up with next!