Apelsini Raudtee (Orange Railway) – what a place!

The name of the restaurant refers to a railway, which is makes sense, considering the fact that the place is located in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Station. How about the other part of the name referring to oranges? A hundred years ago, when the railway had much greater meaning to people and their lives than nowadays, it was used for transporting exotic fruits arriving in the city via the sea to the rich of Saint Petersburg. That is why people began to call this railway the orange railway.

The name of the restaurant still sounds strange and we cannot say that the restaurant itself is any less strange. The rest of the building where the restaurant is located is occupied by an interior design studio. We could probably say that the restaurant is part of the studio, as one of the dining tables is placed right next to a bath.

Apelisini Raudtee experiments with food and drinks as much as the studio experiments with interior designs, which is why its visitors are definitely in store for some quirky experiences.