Aparaat – as though in the backyard in 2017

Aparaat, the ideological successor of the F-building of the Telliskivi district in Tallinn, is located in a former factory yard on Kastani Street in Tartu. The last time we were in Aparaat, we helped an old lady with a cane open the door. She had gone there to simply rest her feet. Not far from her, there were bleary-eyed and tattooed motorcycle men dressed in leather drinking beer. At the table next to them, young mothers were cradling their babies. A bit farther off, some students were at their laptops, next to them, white-collars were having a meeting.

Everybody was satisfied and not disturbed in the least. Such a peculiar crowd is drawn by an extraordinary selection of well-prepared food and most likely the best ratio of price and quality in Estonia.

In 1933, Oskar Luts wrote a story called “Tagahoovis” (“In the backyard”), which is known to every Estonian. The story talked about a diverse group of people, who can only be considered as extremely likeable, minding their business in a backyard. What is happening in Aparaat today is almost as if we are in that same backyard but in 2017.