Discreet Boutique Hotel Restaurant

Boutique Hotel Antonius is located right across the street from the main building of the University of Tartu. It caters for the university town’s VIP guests. The atmosphere matches the status. Timelessly elegant. Discreet. Respectful of the guests’ privacy. The same applies to the restaurant in the cellar of the hotel. The daylight shining in from the round ceiling window and the historical limestone walls lend it an allure that is safe and solid, yet slightly mysterious. The designated aperitif is sparkling wine. Whether the prosecco, cava or champagne is up to the guest. As for the food, the main ingredient is always the star of the show. Clear and pure, its flavour takes centre stage, whether it’s Jerusalem artichoke, zander or wild boar. The three-course head chef’s menu, complete with wine pairings, is a recent addition. The Antonius is a safe bet for hosting important guests or celebrating special occasions.