ANNO Koduresto & Veininurk

A Perfect Marriage of Food and Wine

The Anno Home Restaurant & Wine Corner may not be the actual home of its owners and almost sole staff Anna and Erno Kaasik, but it is where they spend most of their time. At the kitchen, Anna’s food is gradually developing from the homelike towards the professional. Erno, meanwhile, searches for wines to complement each dish. Their family restaurant is a perfect marriage of food and wine: they take the pairings very, very seriously. At the Anno, food and drink go hand in hand. You cannot imagine the one without the other. And together, they are more than their sum. This makes for some surprising couplings. Most restaurants would recommend a cool drink of vodka to go with borscht – while often enough remaining sceptical about the need to even have a drink with your soup. The Anno has a lesson or a few to teach to them. Taken apart, the beet consommé, stewed for three days, and the Cono Suri 20 Barrels Pinot Noir are relatively pedestrian. Together, however, they shine in joyous harmony. And the Anno keeps the perfect matches coming.