Food: 36/40

Alexander is now in two places

Alexander, the restaurant in Pädaste Manor, has brought the small and remote island of Muhu into the spotlight of the culinary world. In its primary location, Alexander keeps changing things up. It would certainly be boring if the best restaurant in Estonia were always predictably the same. Alexander has a tendency to hold the title for a long time, give it up for a short while, and reclaim it soon after.

This year, Alexander is aiming to reclaim its title and working twice as hard to achieve that. This is because Pädaste Manor has been closed for the winter and there are no news about the kitchen located in the Nordic Islands. For the winter, Alexander Chef’s Table has been opened in Toompea, Tallinn. This restaurant is planning to make up for the previously mentioned and bring old traditions back to the modern food culture by serving dinners at a long common table.

The new head chef, Matthias Diether, who has run the kitchen of Alexander for a year now and done so under authentic German order, has added maturity and refinement to the creative dishes Alexander has always been famous for. If all works out, others will have to watch out. We are definitely looking forward to that and keeping an eye on what they will do next.