Food: 28/40

Leib keeps it simple

Leib is a restaurant that represents a rare combination. On the one side, it is a simple and homely place and, on the other, it is an extremely unique restaurant.

What makes Leib special is its location in what is fundamentally the only building in the Tallinn Old Town with a large garden of its own. Leib knows how to use its location to its advantage, especially during summer time. Another aspect that makes Leib special is the attitude of its staff towards their work. It is not easy to find another restaurant with a staff as well acquainted with and happy to talk about the food and drinks offered in the restaurant as the staff at Leib. What makes Leib the most unique, however, is their selection of drinks and the high quality of their own beverages.

What makes Leib homely is their menu, which is short but based on traditional Estonian cuisine. It is usually much harder to come up with new versions of traditional food and do it well than it is to do so with dishes made up in a new author’s kitchen. Leib, fortunately, has that rare skill.