Food: 29/40

Viljandi is Fellin again

Many years ago, the city of Viljandi was known as Fellin. A few years ago, a restaurant named Fellin was opened in Viljandi and, in terms of good food, Viljandi is referred to as Fellin once again. This alone shows how much better the restaurant is from all the other food providers in the city.

Usually, when a great new restaurant is opened in an area, it brings about some new enthusiasm and more restaurants are opened as a result. In the case of Viljandi, we are still waiting for that to happen.

Meanwhile, however, we can take pleasure in the existence of Fellin. The owner of Fellin is involved in sheep breeding, which provides for the fact that there is always an exquisite lamb dish on the menu. In fact, the menu of Fellin is one of the most interesting ones in Estonia. The dishes at Fellin leave you wanting more. This is why Fellin is a good reason to revisit Viljandi.