Restaurant Kadriorg is in the midst of nature

Although Restaurant Kadriorg is located just a few-minute drive away from the city centre, you will feel like you are in the midst of nature when dining there. For such an experience, be sure to reserve a table by a window.

The restaurant has been in the exact same spot and the exact same way for a long time. The chefs and the ways the food is prepared have changed but the experience the customers get from visiting the restaurant has stayed the same.

The current staff seems to comprehend the charm of Kadriorg especially well. The carrot and coconut soup is an ideal dish to serve in autumn when colourful leaves are falling or during winter colds when snowdrifts are forming behind the restaurant windows. They also make their own lemon schnapps, which has a nice crisp taste and is a perfect way to end a meal during the day or in the evening in that milieu. The kitchen brings the views from the restaurant windows to life by making them into dishes.