Family restaurant Seller is where country life begins

Tabasalu is the first rural settlement by the border of Tallinn. It has not yet been made one with the big city. It would be a shame if that were to happen, as right at the beginning of Tabasalu, where the restaurant Seller is located, is where country life begins.

Seller is most definitely the only restaurant with its own rabbits. Seller is also a place where you can get properly fed, as is common for country life. The food they use originates from the forest, the sea, or the farm. The dishes are aesthetically appealing but the tastes are still very much traditional.

The beverages represent new local flavours. Be sure to try out the craft beers from Lehe brewery (located 1 km away) or Muraste brewery (located 7 km away) or the restaurant’s very own celery lemonade.