180 Degrees by Matthias Diether

A Noble Restaurant at the Noblessner

The famous Berlin chef Matthias Diether moved to Tallinn and brought along a healthy dose of big city glamour. The once-neglected territory of the former shipyard is becoming one of Tallinn’s new focal spots. Matthias Diether’s restaurant 180 Degrees was the first courageous restaurant to make the move and offered the most elegant fine dining experience the town has ever seen in the middle of what was essentially a large construction site. By now, the surroundings of the restaurant have been turned into an architecturally impressive new city district prized for its modern lifestyle. The 180 Degrees seems even more elegant in its midst. The guests are first shown to the bar, where they decide on their orders over aperitif and snacks, caressed by ravishing music, live fire and impressive views. They are then shown to the tables, which are strategically placed 180 degrees around the open kitchen in the middle of the space. Charmed by the interior, attentive service and the first promising tastes, the guests go on to discover that classical fine dining, often seen as an endangered lifestyle, is alive and well here. Halibut with champagne sauerkraut (cabbage fermented in champagne), tuna flown in from Malaysia in the same morning and paired with foie gras… a wealth of ingredients. Neither minimalism nor humility are allowed in. Matthias Diether rules his kitchen in the spirit of genuine German ordnung and the head of service Bart Dufour (who has spent most of his career in Belgium’s top restaurants) runs the dining hall with effortless French elegance. Combined, the two offer a noble customer experience unparalleled by other Tallinn restaurants.