Food: 28/40

Tuljak did not bite off more than it can chew

At a time when all the other restaurants are aiming for optimality, some brave entrepreneurs decided that it was a good idea to open one of the largest restaurants in Estonia. There is an Estonian proverb that warns people not to bite off more than they can chew. This, however, was not a warning that was taken into consideration by the founders of Tuljak. These men based their move on another proverb – fortune favours the brave.

One year after its opening, Tuljak has become a household name. When at first people were going there to merely satisfy their curiosity, then now, visiting Tuljak has become commonplace. The menu is such that it will not let you rest before you have tried all of their dishes. However, once you have actually managed to do that, the menu changes and you are bound to repeat the process with new and even more interesting dishes.

The owners of Tuljak have a special talent for establishing restaurants that are relevant and attractive to customers. First, they opened OKO in Kaberneeme harbour, then came NOA and now Tuljak. Foodies find themselves in front of a difficult decision – which of these three to visit? Other options tend to be forgotten. The men behind Tuljak have done their job well! Do you not agree?