Mr Jakob – the king of golf restaurants

Golf is a peculiar game. An old game with new clubs and top-notch equipment acquired every year. Immediately after opening at the Otepää Golf Club, Mr Jakob saw to it that it was titled the best golf restaurant in Estonia, without needing anyone to actually give the title. And the restaurant is nowhere near surrendering it to somebody else.

The restaurant is located in an ultramodern golf building and invites visitors to reminisce about historical values, as well as to keep them in mind. At first glance, the antiquities placed almost randomly here and there in the interior raise questions, which are then answered when the food arrives. Mr Jakob’s dishes are rustic and in the modern interior of the restaurant, act as an old Shepherd’s crook next to the latest golf club.

People who are better acquainted with golf equipment know what they are talking about when they say that these old wooden sticks are surprisingly not far behind top technological clubs in simulator comparison. The men of Mr Jakob know what they are doing.