Antonius – discretion and quality of Tartu

The boutique hotel Antonius is in a class of its own in Tartu. This historic building offers the most discrete and quality accommodation in the city, which is magnificently complemented by the hotel’s namesake of a restaurant. Should you choose to only dine at the restaurant without spending a night at the hotel, you might find the experience lacking.

The most important privilege of the visitors of the Antonius restaurant is being party to some of the best local raw materials of South Estonia. For a high-class hotel restaurant, the dishes are surprisingly simple. The chef seems to aim solely at emphasising the quality of the used raw material. A task that is achieved splendidly. The selection of drinks is also of high quality, but the lack of wines served in a glass invites larger groups.

Antonius has recently gained a competitor in Tartu in the form of a high-class hotel and restaurant. Today, everything new has the privilege of being in the centre of attention. The new competitors were quick in taking advantage of that, but Antonius was tenacious and persistent. The ones winning from this intriguing new competition in Tartu are without a doubt the customers.