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Estonian Craft Beer Treasure Map

July 20th, 2017

 Many people know that Estonia is the land of good food and one can get a great meal all over the country. The fact that Estonia is a land of good craft beer might come as a surprise, though. The development that our beer brewing has gone through in the past three years can shamelessly be called a revolution.

This summer, we will introduce the busiest workers of our craft beer industry and their masterpieces. Eleven brewers have brought their best beers to the terraces of eleven restaurants in the Tallinn Old Town.

The map below can safely be called the treasure map of Estonian craft beers. Take this map and visit all eleven terraces during the summer. This is an undertaking you will not regret. We will introduce each brewery and restaurant with a few short video clips and some pictures. Based on that information, you can decide where to go first and where to after that.

We wish you excellent experiences in tasting treasured beers and matching dishes.